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    What sets you apart?

    What sets you apart?

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    One key thing that we all aspire to be, is being unique, and standing out from the crowd. However, one of the weaknesses in our understanding of faith, and our lives, is how we pursue excellence. It seems as if excellence has become a bad word for many of us because it brings thoughts of avarice and pride. What is the role of excellence in the life of a Christian? How diligently should we pursue excellence in our personal and professional lives? I thoroughly believe that the pursuit of excellence is in fact a ministry that we should all be part in. The followers of Jesus should stand out not only by their love (John 13:35) but also by their devotion to doing their best.

    Solomon, arguably, the wisest man who ever lived, reflected on this aspect of Christian life in Proverbs 22:29 when he noted, almost as though pointing us to a case study.

    “See a man diligent in his work? He shall stand before kings….”

    We were all made to stand before kings. When we cut corners and put in less than 1005 effort, we severely misrepresent the king. The message we send is that we follow a mediocre God.

    If you want to be an honest and true witness, today, meet that target…before the deadline. Complete that project…before you have to be reminded. Be proactive.

    The story of Daniel and his friends is a lesson in excellence. At its very core, Daniel and his friends were a witness by their devotion to excellence. What made King Nebuchadnezzar, Darrius, Cyrus, and Balthazar, take note of these Hebrew captives? Rest assured it was not their unwillingness to not work on Saturdays. It was their devotion to being the best they could be.

    My charge to you is simply this. Be Excellent! You Serve an Excellent God.

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