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    Audio Visual Ministry

    Ministry Overview

    The Audio Visual Ministry as much a core component of our worship experiences as any other ministry. This is an engaging department, frequently challenging our volunteers to reach new heights. We aspire to create a memorable, and pleasant worship atmosphere with our audio quality, and visuals.

    Church members are welcome to shadow us with the hope that they will eventually become a part of this vibrant ministry. Be eager to learn and a be willing to embrace technology’s role in ministry.

    Live Audio Mixing

    At first, the demands of live audio mixing seem daunting. It is often unsettling for most aspiring live audio mixing engineers. Once they get the hang of the High Pass Filter, Gating, Compression, Gain Structure, and Equalization, they feel more at ease. The training wheels are then removed.


    We welcome any aspiring church member to join our team. We will have them shadow us, invite them to our training seminars, and even share online documentation with them. Once they gain the knowledge, we then advance the to the next step, that is, working in a live setup.

    Live Recording

    At present, we only record sermon audio. We do not stream video yet, however, video streaming is next in our timeline. Please checkout our sermons page (using the buttons below), as well as some old video archives from a previous video streaming attempt.

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